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Travelling with kids require a light, foldable and compact buggy. Since I had fine experience with Xiaomi products, I tested the e-Scooter, Aluminum Suitcase and Cameras. So I decided to sticked with the brand to test the Xiaomi Stroller. This is an overview, after I did extensive research on strollers, which I’ll update with my review once it arrives.

Xiaomi Travel Stroller - 3 available colors

Xiaomi Stroller – 3 available colors


Xiaomi Stroller – Quick Overview

  • Size unfolded : 101 x 81 x 48.7 cm  /  39.76 x 31.88 x 19,17 in
  • Size folded: 47.8 x 25.8 x 40.8 cm  /  18.82 x 10.16 x 16,06 in
  • Weight: 6.8 kg  /  15 lb
  • Material: Aluminum alloy frame, polyester fiber clothing
  • Baby Age: 0-36 months (max. 15 kg  //  max. 33 lb)
  • Available colors: Silk Blue, Pink, Platinum Grey
Xiaomi Stroller Buggy Size

Xiaomi Stroller Size


Xiaomi Stroller Features

Design, Frame & Seat

Xiaomi stroller offer a very stylish and slick design with nice, decent color options. The high-strength aluminum alloy frame is both light & sturdy, the load-bearing parts are made of high quality carbon structural steel. It is stated that the key structural parts are imported from Belgium and Switzerland.

The 3-segment adjustable canopy is made of a four-sided elastic fabric and as stated available in 3 different color options. This color also reflects on the inside rim of the wheel. The canopy is sun protective (UPF50+) and isolates 95% of ultraviolet rays.

The seat cushion is made of a skin-friendly, antistatic & antibacterial “class A standard” fabric. The cloth is removable to wash it easily. Your baby is secured with a five-point seat belt with one button release.

Xiaomi Stroller - Skin friendly, antibacterial fabric; 5-point seat belt

Xiaomi Stroller – Skin friendly, antibacterial fabric; 5-point seat belt


Even tough it is stated that Xiaomi Stroller is suited for babies aged 0-36 month, because the seat can recline to an almost flat surface, I use a bassinet for newborns. I’ll switch to Xiaomi buggy when my kid is aged 6 month and can sit upright on his own. Hence it’s a nice feature to recline the seat if your child falls asleep. The seat reclines stepless to an almost flat surface.

Xiaomi Stroller - Recline Seat

Xiaomi Stroller – Recline Seat


Folding Mechanism

You can conveniently fold and unfold Xiaomi stroller within seconds using only one hand:

Folding Xiaomi Stroller

Folding Xiaomi Stroller


Xiaomi stroller folds to a compact size of 47.8 x 25.8 x 40.8 cm and weights 6.8 kg. Folded the buggy qualifies as carry-on luggage on an aircraft. You don’t need to check it in which will save you time and the stroller is not exposed to the dirty cargo bay of an aircraft and possible rough handling crew. The box also contains a shoulder strap to conveniently carry the stroller.

Xiaomi Stroller: folds carry-on luggage size; comes with shoulder strap

Xiaomi Stroller: folds carry-on luggage size; comes with shoulder strap


Wheels & Brakes

Xiaomi Stroller Buggy Brakes & Wheels

Xiaomi Stroller Brakes & Wheels

Xiaomi Stroller features four 6-inch wheels, filled with PU foam and independent suspension. Therefore it is suitable on any terrain and runs smoothly using double-bearing. The front wheels rotate 360°, the rear wheels offer a one-button brake system.


Details & Highlights

Xiaomi Stroller: Canopy Skylight - non-slip push handle - waterproof zipper - 5kg storage basket

Xiaomi Stroller: Canopy Skylight – non-slip push handle – waterproof zipper – 5kg storage basket

Some other details and highlights of Xiaomi Stroller:

  • Canopy skylight, a peekaboo window to watch your child
  • Non-slip push handle, which is comfortable in winter and cool in summer
  • Seamless waterproof zippers avoid leaking water into the stroller and protect the inside from wind
  • Large storage basket holding up to 5kg



As mentioned, I haven’t received Xiaomi Travel Stroller for testing, but my friend Sami did and he made an unboxing and review video. The video is in Chinese, but you get to see the Stroller in action. I also had a chat with him which I want to share. If you have additional questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll forward them to Sami.


First feature Sami mention is shock absorption of the wheels and Sami is thrilled how good it works. According to him Xiaomi Stroller is very lightweight, easy to fold and compact – ideal for travel. Even tough he thinks the stroller looks terrific it doesn’t feel super high quality, especially the canopy. Sami would prefer a bar to secure the baby additionally to the 5-point seat belt. Overall Xiaomi Stroller is not his main stroller choice, but great for travelling.


Retailer / Price Comparison

The Xiaomi Stroller is currently available at:

Be aware there are other similar named strollers (Xiaomi Youpin, Xiaomi Zhixing,…) with different price ranges. This article and the price links above refer to the Xiaomi MiTU Folding Stroller.

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