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I’m very satisfied with my Himo C20 (here’s my hands-on review), but when it comes to storage size, there is more potential. I’m glad they came up with Himo Z20 that offers a folding frame, compared to C20. Also two new 20″ models from Fiido hit the market: Fiido D11 and Fiido D4s. I prefer the 20″ sized folding e-bikes as I think this is the right size (at least for me). With their 20″ tires they large enough to offer a comfortable driving experience for longer distances when commuting to work (better than the 16″models). And they are small enough to store them conveniently at work or at home. The three 20″ folding e-bikes are comparable with their main specs, but there are very interesting differences in detail which might be interesting for your situation, so let’s compare them:

Fiido D11 vs Fiido D4s vs Himo Z20

Fiido D11 vs Fiido D4s vs Xiaomi Himo Z20 - 20" folding e-bike - Comparison

Fiido D11 vs Fiido D4s vs Himo Z20 – 20″ folding e-bike – Comparison


*Fiido D4s can be unlocked to go 30km/h.


What do they have in common?

All three bikes, Fiido D11, Fiido D4s and Himo Z20 have a lot in common: They are foldable e-bikes with 20″ air tube tires and don’t offer suspension. With a 250W powered motor and a 10 Ah battery they can go up to 80 km in assist mode with a max speed of 25 km/h. Fiido D11 has a bit larger battery with 1.6 Ah and an assisted driving range of 80-100km is stated.

Fiido D4s and Himo Z20 bikes offer a 6-speed Shimano gear shift, Fiido D11 even a 7-speed shift. All three of them offer disc brakes on front and back wheel. Each handle bar in equipped with a display showing speedometer and modes.


What’s different?

  • Size: All folding e-bikes are about the same size when unfolded, but Fiido manages to fold it to a more compact size. While Himo Z20 is 86 cm long and 74 cm high, Fiido D4s is 85cm long and 64 cm high when folded. Fiido D11 is even more compact, folding down to 59cm length but 84 cm height, so the format is a bit different!
Fiido D11 vs Fiido D4s vs Himo Z20 - Size Comparison

Fiido D11 vs Fiido D4s vs Himo Z20 – Size Comparison


  • Weight: Big difference in weight: While Himo Z20 is 21.6 kg, being the heaviest, Fiido D4s is lighter with 18.5 kg and Fiido D11 is significantly lighter with 16.9 kg.
  • Battery: When folding Himo Z20 you can remove the battery placed inside the frame. With Fiido D11 they found a very smart solution: the battery is in the seat post and therefore also removable. Only with Fiido D4s the battery is built-in and you always have to carry the whole bike to your place of charging.
Removable battery of Fiido D11

Removable battery of Fiido D11


Removable battery of Xiaomi Himo Z20

Removable battery of Himo Z20


  • Accessories: Update: in the meantime it is confirmed that Z20 and Fiido D11 come with free mudguards. Mudguards for Fiido D4s are priced 26 USD.
  • Speed Limit: Fiido states that the speed limit can be unlocked for Fiido D4s (then you can go 31 km/h). It is not possible to unlock speed of Fiido D11 and Himo Z20 as stated by respective company.


More infos?

My friend Sami got an early version of Fiido D11, here is his unboxing. You can ask me questions and I can forward them.


Where to get?

These e-bikes are brandnew and therefore stock is limted. Himo did an Indiegogo Campaign that finished and is available in a few warehouses in China and Europe. Fiido is running their Indiegogo Campaign for D11 model that will end soon! You can get it for an awesome low price during the campaign but shipping takes some time until the campaign has finished. See my overview below.


For the latest news and updates, join the Facebook groups:


Retailer / Price – Comparison

Himo Z20

  • Indiegogo:
    • 749 USD + 90 USD shipping
    • Official Campaign ended
  • Banggood:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 829 USDvisit store
      • Coupon Code: e34fb4
      • grey, white & rose gold version
      • free shipping to Europe (40 days)
      • pre-sale
  • Gearbest:
    • German Warehouse: 879 USDvisit store
      • no taxes & customs within Europe!
      • free shipping within Europe
      • Pre-Order: next batch ships in September
  • Geekbuying:
    • Europe Warehouse: 839 USDvisit store   Best EU Option
      • + free bottle holder & Xiaomi backpack
      • Coupon Code: GKB491S (you need to enter on checkout)
      • free shipping within Europe
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • in stock (limited quantity!)
    • Chinese Warehouse: 899 USDvisit store
      • grey, white & rose gold version
      • tax free shipping to Europe (40 days)
      • in stock
  • Aliexpress:
    • China Warehouse: 899 USDvisit store    Best Option for Asia
      • best deal for shipping within Asia
      • unclear tax situation for Europe
      • in stock & shipping
    • Poland Warehouse: 899 USDvisit store
      • no taxes & customs within Europe!
      • free shipping within Europe
      • in stock & shipping
  • TomTop: not available


Fiido D11

Currently only available via Fiido’s official Indiegogo Campaign:

  • Indiegogo: (official Fiido D11 campaign site)
    • 899 USD – first 100 backers
    • Campaign ends August 15th
      • extra batteries available
      • only blue version
      • original warranty 36 months for frame, 12 month for other parts
      • free shipping worldwide
      • no tax & customs
      • pre-sale, ships in August 2020


Fiido D4s

Banggood is hosting the product launch, not available on other websites so far:

  • Banggood:
    • UK Warehouse: 799 USDvisit store
      • black & white version
      • 7 day free shipping within EU
      • no taxes & customs within EU
      • in stock
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