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I currently ride 3 different e-bikes: HIMO Z20, HIMO C20 and Fiido D11. They are all limited to 25 km/h and I tried my best to unlock the speed. Fiido oly stated the option to unlock Fiido D4s, but now there seems to be a solution for Fiido D11:


How to unlock the speed limit on Fiido D11:

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Fiido D11
  2. Press power button & mode button together
  3. Press power button until “P2” is displayed
  4. You will see 220 – which stands for the wheel size
  5. Press mode button, then 220 will blink
  6. Press power button and change to 130
  7. Press and hold power button
  8. Press power buttton to restart Fiido D11
  9. That’s it – ride faster

Attention: Although the speed on the speedometer of Fiido D11 is now showing a lower speed – the actual speed is higher (measured by GPS).

I will post a video soon so you can see the outcome.


Speed Limit on HIMO Z20

Stop wasting your time on YouTube videos!

There are many videos on Youtube showing how to unlock speed on HIMO Z20 – but they are wrong – I tested it!
They all follow a similar technique and change the wheel diameter. It seems that Fiido D11 can be unlocked, but HIMO Z20 behaves differently.
If you change the wheel diameter on HIMO Z20 the speedometer shows a higher speed as the computer is calculating speed based on the smaller wheel. However the actual speed meassured with GPS is still the same.

Up to now I haven’t found a solution to unlock speed of HIMO Z20.


Fiido D11 vs HIMO Z20 – review

Here you can read my review after riding these two bikes: Fiido D11 vs HIMO Z20 review

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  1. Thomas Biehl 3. April 2022 at 10:34 Reply

    Hi. I have the new display on my Fiido D11 and there is no option to do any settings. Do you have a workaround for that problem?

    Thanks, Thomas Biehl.

  2. Mat 18. July 2022 at 11:07 Reply

    Does this also work for the D21?

    • el Producente 18. July 2022 at 11:11 Reply

      I haven’t had the chance to try on a D21

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