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Folding e-Bike vs e-Scooter

Folding e-bike vs e-scooter (Himo C20 vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro)

Folding e-bike vs e-scooter (Himo C20 vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro)

E-Scooter are currently very popular, therefore they also get a lot of bad press. Further they are illegal in some countries. So could folding e-bikes be an alternative to e-scooters? They are also more comfortable to ride as you can sit – so why are they not more popular? Or does it simply depend which one is better in which situation or the price?

I tried to come up with pros and cons using the example of Xiaomi Scooter Pro and Xiaomi Himo C20. I use my Xiaomi Scooter Pro for my daily commute to work. But standing on a scooter for 12km (each direction) is not very comfortable, even though I enjoyed not using public transport. So I got myself the Xiaomi Himo C20 folding e-bike and expected are more comfortable long distance ride. Each has its pros and cons which I wanted to share with you:


Xiaomi Scooter Pro vs Xiaomi Himo C20

To me it seemed Himo C20 provides the best offer. It offers larger 20″ tires, which should contribute to a more comfortable ride. Being foldable is definitely a plus to store it within your flat or office. So that’s why I chose this one to compare it to my current choice of commute – the Xiaomi Scooter Pro.


Comparison Review

There are a few similarities: you can ride at about the same max. speed (25km/h) for about the same range. This is of course only true for electric power. You can achieve a higher speed and wider range when you use drive Himo C20 fully electric and support with pedalling! There are is a seat available for Xiaomi M365, but I think sitting on the e-bike provides a better driving experience. If you are worried about the legal situation of a scooter, I think you are going “under the radar” if you are sitting on an e-bike. In some countries Himo C20 might also not be legal as you can drive fully electric. There is no real moped mode in Himo C20 as you have to give it an initial push, similar to the e-scooter.

Storage Space & Handling

Himo C20 vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro 2 - Storage Space

Himo C20 vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Storage Space

My biggest concern was storage space as Himo C20 seems to be way larger than a scooter. But I was suprised that in my use case Himo C20 is actually more convenient to store. Himo C20 is longer and higher when folded, but thinner than the scooter! Besides retracting the pedals the handlebar of Himo C20 flips down while it is still the widest part of Xiaomi Scooter Pro. Therefore Himo C20 is thinner and takes less space when leant agains a wall. The handle bar of the scooter still sticks out and you easily catch on when passing by.

This is of course only valid when going from A to B and storing it. When combineing your ride with public transport the handling of the e-scooter is a big plus. You can fold it and easily carry it over stairs. Also due to the lower height you can store it in trains under the seat.

Do you need a more compact bike – great news – Himo launched the Z20 that offers a folding frame: check out Himo Z20.


Driving experience

Xiaomi Scooter Pro accelerates faster and you reach the top speed quicker. But Himo C20 isn’t slow – in fact when standing at the traffic light, accelerating with full power and hitting the pedals you are faster than most of the cyclists around 🙂 (especially the sportive ones who cut the line to be the first one at the traffic light). Himo C20 is more comfortable when riding longer distances. You can also choose if you want to go fully electric or do some exercise and pedal as well.


Pros & Cons

 Advantage Xiaomi Scooter Pro: The scooter is lighter and and easier to take with you. You can also easily carry the scooter when folded compared to the bike. Great when you combine it with public transport or you have to carry it over stairs to your flat or office.

 Advantage Himo C20: It is much more comfortable to ride Himo C20 rather than a scooter for longer distances as you can sit down. Further it feels much safer as you have two large wheels and two brakes that give you a secure feeling. That is even more important when having to share a road rather than using a bike lane. Himo C20 has a wider range as you can also operate with with human power once the battery is empty.


Price & Retailer Comparison

Himo C20

  • Gearbest:
    • Poland Warehouse: 869 USDvisit store
      • grey or white version
      • delivered within 5 days within Europe
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • out of stock
    • China Warehouse: 869 USDvisit store
      • grey or white version
      • best deal for shipping within Asia!
      • out of stock
  • TomTop:
    • German Warehouse: 789 USDvisit store
      • grey or white version
      • no taxes & customs within Europe!
      • free 1 week shipping within Europe
      • in stock
  • Geekbuying:
    • European Warehouse: 799 USDvisit store
      • grey or white version
      • no taxes & customs within Europe!
      • delivered within 7 days within Europe
      • free shipping
      • re-stocking
    • Chinese Warehouse: 739 USDvisit store    Cheapest Option
      • only grey version
      • taxfree shipping to Europe
      • 40 days shipping time
      • in stock
  • Banggood:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 899 USDvisit store
      • grey or white version
      • 40 days shipping time
      • out of stock
    • UK Warehouse: 799 USDvisit store
      • grey or white version
      • Coupon Code: BGHMC20EU
      • no taxes & customs within Europe!
      • delivered within 2-7 days within Europe
      • free shipping
      • out of stock


Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Retailer & Prices

  • Banggood
    • Europe Warehouse (Czech): 519 USDvisit store    best EU offer
    • Coupon  Code: BGXMP365PCZ
    • 7 day shipping within EU
    • no taxes & customs within EU
    • in stock
  • Aliexpress
    • Chinese Warehouse: 538 USDvisit store
    • no taxes to EU & USA (see offer for details)
    • in stock

Currently out of stock at Geekbuying, Gearbest & TomTop


Amazon US: n/a

Need help? I have contacts at Banggood, Gearbest & TomTop who provide me with coupon codes and stock information. If you have troubles with your order, contact me.

Shipping times
I ordered my Xiaomi M365 from Gearbest in China and I got it within 3 weeks to Europe. I ordered my Xiaomi Pro from Gearbest EU Warehouse and it received it within 5 days.

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