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On May 21st Ninebot by Segway released their new e-scooter. There have been rumours about a “Segway MAX” scooter but apparently the naming changed and the new model will be called Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30. Their Indiegogo campaign is live! The main question is: How does it compare to Xiaomi’s latest e-scooter the Xiaomi Scooter Pro?

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro

Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro


Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro

Basically both e-scooters are manufactured by the same company, which is Ninebot. Ninebot bought Segway a few years ago and Xiaomi invested in Ninebot when buying shares. But still there are two models to compare and Ninebot already announced: “We bring the perfect combination of upgrades from the M365 and the ES4.” (Ninebot ES4 is the Ninebot ES2 scooter with extra battery attached).


* manufacturer’s data
Xiaomi Pro data is calculated as follows: 15km/h speed, 75kg driver, flat road, 25°C temperature.
Ninebot MAX data is calculated as follows: 15 km/h speed, 75kg driver, average pavement, 25°C temperature.


German Version: Ninebot MAX G30D

Since both e-scooter are not allowed in Germany, as they need registration and max. allowed speed is 20 km/h, there will is a special edition for Germany: Ninebot MAX G30D



It seems Ninebot MAX inherited more DNA from the Xiaomi series rather than Ninebot ES series in terms of body design. As you can see on the pictures the folding mechanism of Ninebot MAX is similar to Xiaomi Scooter Pro as both fold above the front wheel. Compared to previous Ninebot models the battery now sits under the footstep, similar to Xiaomi Scooter Pro. I prefer this design as the driving experience is way better with the center of gravity being lower. A fact that convinced me during my Ninebot ES2 vs Xiaomi M365 comparison review. The footstep of Xiaomi Scooter Pro is a bit larger than the one of Xiaomi M365 (see Pro vs M365 comparison), which is convenient for a more comfortable ride. Now the footstep of Ninebot MAX looks massive, that’s due to the larger battery, but more on that later. Both feature a foldout stand to conveniently park the scooter and carrying capacity is about 100kg. Ninebot MAX features a built in charger, so you can charge it on the go and only need to carry a power cable.

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro M365 - Folding Mechanism

Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Folding Mechanism



Ninebot MAX will offer a max. speed of 30 km/h while it is stated that top speed is limited within certain areas to meet the requirement from local authority. Therefore in some areas (countries?) the top speed will be 25km/h, similar to Xiaomi Scooter Pro. The max. climbing angle is stated with 15% on MAX while Xiaomi Pro offers 20%. I’m not sure why Ninebot MAX states a lower climbing angle even though it has more power. While Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers a 300W motor (600W peak), the new Ninebot MAX offers 350 W (700W peak). So maybe the climbing angle on MAX is lower due to being heavier or Xiaomi Pro is overestimating.

There is another significant difference: While Xiaomi Scooter Pro is powered on the front wheel, Ninebot MAX is back wheel powered. According to Ninebot rear wheel drive offers you a better solution to acceleration, stability, and brake.

Battery & Range

The announced range for Ninebot KickScooter MAX is massive: 64 km / 40 miles. That’s almost half as much again compared to Xiaomi Scooter Pro. The enormous range will take its toll resulting in more weight on MAX (4,5kg overall). Guess you will need to decide if you are just riding your e-scooter or if you have to carry it as well – e.g. when carrying it in public transport. Xiaomi Scooter Pro has a 474 Wh battery built in, while Ninebot Max offers 551 Wh. Btw. Ninebot Max also has the power port built in and features 6h fast charging compared to 8,5 h for a full charge on Xiaomi Scooter Pro.

LEDs & Display

Compared to Xiaomi M365 the newer Xiaomi Scooter Pro holds a LCD display. To Ninebot series the LCD display is not a new addition since Ninebot ES2 & ES1 already offered that to conveniently check speed, battery status and settings. Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers 3 driving modes indicated on the display: ECO for energy saving mode (15km/h), D for standard mode (20 km/h) and S for sports mode (25 km/h). Ninebot Max offers the same modes, even with the same names. There is a 4th mode, a power assist when pushing MAX by hand. When comparing the pictures the display looks exactly the same:

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro M365 - Display

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Display


Tires & Brakes

Ninebot ES series features solid rubber tires, their benefit on one side: you can’t get a flat tire. Xiaomi M365 and Scooter Pro use air tube tires, their benefit: better shock absorption resulting in a more comfortable ride. Ninebot MAX features a new system: tubeless air tires. The 10″ shock absorbing tires will offer a smooth ride while reducing the risk of getting a flat tire because of a damaged tube. I guess only long time tests will show how good the driving experience will be compared the risk of a damaged tire.

Both e-scooter are equipped with a brake handle and a dual brake system. Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers an eABS, regenerative braking system integrated in the front wheel which is activated when releasing the throttle. When you release the accelerator lever the front wheel slowly brakes and the generated energy flows back into battery. The strength can only be predefined within the app. The back wheel holds a 120mm disk brake which is activated with the brake handle on the steering bar.
Ninebot MAX is using a mechanical drum brake integrated in the front wheel that is controlled with the brake handle. On the back wheel there is a regenerative brake system, but I’m currently not sure if the strength will be set within the app like on Xiaomi Scooter Pro or if the brake handle influences strength as well.

Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro

Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro


Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – in a nutshell

It seems that Ninebot MAX is superior in every aspect: higher top speed, longer range, more powerful motor, air tyres (but without tubes that might need to be changed in case of a flat tyre), better break system, better shock absorption,…

There are only two aspects to consider Xiaomi Scooter Pro: it is way cheaper, it is way lighter (in case you need to carry it).

Ninebot MAX

15 km more range

5 km/h higher top speed

50W higher motor power

tubeless tires

Xiaomi M365 PRO

4.5 kg lighter



Video Review of Ninebot MAX with Range test


Price & Retailer Comparison / Availability

Ninebot MAX

  • Indiegogo campaign by Ninebot ended but you can still get it via the campaign site for
    • 699 USD (+ shipping fee: 30 USD to US // 99 USD worldwide)
    • Scooter is shipped from China
  • In the meantime Ninebot Max is also available on Amazon:

Note: The German offer from Amazon DE is for Ninebot MAX G30D – a special version adapted to German law (max speed is 20 km/h)


  • Gearbest: 
    • Chinese Warehouse: 589 USDvisit store
    • Lower than initial Indiegogo Campaign
    • Free Shipping!
    • EU Priority Line shipping available!
    • in stock
  • Banggood:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 579 USDvisit store
    • Use coupon displayed on website!
    • Free Shipping!
    • in stock


What’s the best deal? On Banggood you can currently get Ninebot MAX for 579 USD – that’s lower than the initial Indiegogo Campaign! Great chance to get Ninebot for a cheap price. It is shipped from China, so is when ordering via Indiegogo.

What’s the best deal for the US? You can order at Banggood at the really low price of 579 USD, but shipping takes some time. To get it faster you can order from Amazon:


Xiaomi M365 PRO

  • Amazon: not available
  • Geekbuying:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 599 USD
      • Choose “Europe – Ocean Shipping”
      • EU or CN Version
      • tax included
      • 4 weeks free shipping
      • out of stock
    • Europe Warehouse (Poland): 599 USD
      • EU or CN Version
      • 1 week shipping within Europe
      • no customs & tax within Europe
      • out of stock
  • Gearbest:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 449 USDvisit store
      • CN Version
      • Coupon Code: GBMIPRO529
      • 4 weeks shipping to EU, no US shipping
      • best option for shipping within Asia
      • in stock
    • Europe Warehouse (Poland): 489 USDvisit store
      • no coupon needed
      • EU Version (with EU plug)
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • ships within Europe within 5 days
      • in stock
    • Europe Warehouse (Germany): 489 USDvisit store
      • no coupon needed
      • EU Version (with EU plug)
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • ships within Europe within 5 days
      • in stock
    • USA Warehouse: 549 USD
      • Int. Version
      • 1 weeks shipping within US
      • no tax & customs (see website)
      • out of stock
  • Banggood:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 559 USD
      • no taxes & customs (see website for details)
      • 3 weeks shipping to USA and Europe
      • in stock
    • Europe Warehouse (UK): 579 USD
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • 5-7 days free shipping within Europe
      • in stock
  • TomTop:
    • Europe Warehouse (Germany): 582 USD
      • EU Version
      • 2-5 days free shipping within Europe
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • in stock


What’s the best deal for Europe? Best deal is currently offered by Gearbest: 489 USD (Poland or German Warehouse: 1 week free shipping, no additional customs & taxes within EU). Still a great deal considering the price was 529 USD most of the year. Higher than the 459 USD Black Friday offer. Since sales are lower because of the season we might see an increase in spring when sales pick up again.

What’s the best deal for USA? Gearbest currently stopped selling Xiaomi Pro to the US. Banggood has the only offer shipping to the US, it takes about 4 weeks. 559 USD

What’s the best deal for Asia? Best deal is currently offered by Gearbest: 449 USD (China Warehouse, you need to enter Coupon Code: GBMIPRO529). This is the cheapest price ever for a Xiaomi Pro.


Need help? I have contacts at Banggood, Gearbest & TomTop who provide me with coupon codes and stock information. If you have troubles with your order, contact me.

Shipping times
I ordered my Xiaomi M365 from Gearbest in China and I got it within 3 weeks to Europe. I ordered my Xiaomi Pro from Gearbest EU Warehouse and it received it within 5 days.


Checkout the Ninebot Fan Facebook Group for the latest infos and user reports

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  1. Paul 14. August 2019 at 16:40 Reply

    If I will make order today, from where I will get in in Europe ? If it will be from China I will need to pay taxes ?
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    • el Producente 14. August 2019 at 16:40 Reply

      MAX will be shipped from HongKong, Ninebot states that only US tax is covered.
      PRO depends on the reseller, some are shipped from Europe, some from China. Europe is tax and customs free; China depends on the reseller, in some cases Banggood covers the tax for EU as well.

  2. Kyle 10. September 2019 at 19:32 Reply

    I’m glad you posted this, I’ve been having issues with my original M365 since the original latch (which has been a known defect) finally broke while I was riding. I’ve been considering replacing it either with the Pro or the Max. This comparison really helped.

    • el Producente 16. September 2019 at 12:48 Reply

      Thank you very much for your feedback!

  3. Scott 11. October 2019 at 3:14 Reply

    What about the riding experience? Buying experience? Set-up experience? Support experience?

    • el Producente 11. October 2019 at 11:43 Reply

      Valid points. I did the comparison when Ninebot MAX Indiegogo Campaign launched, I haven’t had the time to update the article since Ninebot MAX finally shipped to compare both of them in real life.

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