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There are many reports, and I discovered it myself, that you can’t connect your Xiaomi Scooter (Xiaomi Scooter Pro or M365) with Mi Home App (Xiaomi Home). There are lot’s of suggestions online like turn on/off Bluetooth. Or reinstall the app.

   Here’s what you should try first! It worked out with my M365 and Pro Version:

How to connect Xiaomi Scooter with Mi Home App

  1. Go to “Profile” – on the bottom right
  2. enter “Settings”
  3. click “Region”
  4. select”China”
  5. Don’t forget to press “save”
How to connect Xiaomi Scooter Pro M365 with Mi Home App

How to connect Xiaomi Scooter with Mi Home App


If it doesn’t work with your first try, switch to another region and then back to China! Don’t forget to press “save” each time.

   It worked for me with both Scooters – my M365, which is a EU Version. And my Xiaomi Scooter Pro, which is a CN Version. With both of them it was/is not possible to use the app with the right region I’m in. I tried with both Android and iOS and couldn’t make it work. After I switched to China I was able to connect without any problems.

Haven’t decided if you should go for M365 or Pro Version? Read my Comparison Review M365 vs Pro, I tested both of them.


Best Deal for a Xiaomi Scooter Pro?

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Mi Home App

iOS: App Store

Android: Google Play Store

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  1. Greg 18. August 2019 at 0:34 Reply

    Thank you for China setting… How should one have figured that out?!?

    • el Producente 19. August 2019 at 10:33 Reply

      Trying to combine the infos that are floating around the web.
      Glad that it worked out for you

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