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20" folding e-bikes, all are pretty similar, but with interesting, different details that might be important for your situation...

Folding e-bike vs e-scooter - I tested Himo C20 and Xiaomi Scooter Pro to find out the pros and cons during daily commute in my review

Himo Z20 folds even more compact than the popular Himo C20. The new 2020 model comes with a few improvements alongside the folding mechanism.

Hands on review of my Xiaomi Himo C20 e-bike. This new electric bike has a 250 W motor, achieves top speed of 25 km/h, powered by a removable 10Ah battery.

e-Scooter currently get bad press and are illegal in certain countries - is a folding e-bike an alternative? Let's compare FIIDO D2 vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro to...