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US company Boosted, producer of the famous boostedboards, will be releasing their first e-scooter Boosted Rev soon. According to the specs it seems to be the most powerful e-scooter out there. Not only the specs are stunning, also the price – 1799 USD! So how does it compare to the other top-of-the-line scooters like Ninebot Max and Xiaomi Scooter Pro? And does Boosted Rev makes sense, since in most countries it won’t be allowed on the street? Let’s take a closer look:


Boosted Rev vs Ninebot Max vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro



Body & Design


Boosted states “We build vehicles, not toys”. Boosted Rev looks indeed very tough and sturdy built. And they guaranteed that Boosted Rev is built for thousands and thousands of miles of daily riding as they offer a 12 month warranty for any manufacturing defects. The scooter is designed to withstand harsh road conditions and is IPX7 rated on key drivetrain components with its batteries enclosed in IP57 waterproof casing. Weight limit is 250 lbs / 113 kg, a little more than Ninebot MAX and Xiaomi Scooter Pro. Similar to its competitors Boosted Rev folds for carrying, but with a weight of 46 lb /20.9 kg it is way heavier (Ninebot MAX: 18.7 kg; Xiaomi Pro: 14,2 kg).

Boosted Rev vs Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro - folded

Boosted Rev vs Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – folded


In my comparison Ninebot ES2 vs Xiaomi M365 I experienced a way better driving experience with M365 as it has its battery integrated in the footstep. (Ninebot ES2 has it mounted within the steering tube). That’s due to the lower center of gravity. Now all 3 scooters, Boosted Rev, Ninebot MAX & Xiaomi Scooter Pro, have their batteries built in the footstep. But with Boosted Rev’s frame design they even achieved a bit lower standing height compared to the others.

Also worth to mention, Boosted designed the frame with security in mind. To lock your scooter, simply place your lock around a standard bike rack and the metal frame for a secure hold.

Boosted Rev - easy to lock

Boosted Rev – easy to lock


Motor & Speed

Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers a 300W motor within its front wheel that offers a max. speed of 25 km/h. Ninebot MAX holds a 350W motor within the back wheel. According to Ninebot rear wheel drive offers you a better solution to acceleration, stability, and brake. MAX can go up to 30 km/h but will be limited to 25 km/h in some areas (countries) to meet legal requirements. Boosted Rev holds a 750W motor in each wheel which will get you to stunning 39 km/h with its dual wheel drive. Even climbing angles of 25% shouldn’t be a problem for Boosted Rev.

Boosted Rev Dual Wheel Drive

Boosted Rev Dual Wheel Drive


Battery & Range

It seems that most of the battery will be needed to boost the 2 motors as the max. range is 35km / 23mi. Xiaomi Scooter Pro performs better with a max. range of 45km / 28mi. The range of Ninebot MAX is massive: 64km / 40miles. That’s half as much again compared to the others. Ninebot MAX also has the power port built in and features 6h fast charging compared to 8,5 h for a full charge on Xiaomi Scooter Pro. Well 6h “fast charging” for MAX is super long as Boosted Rev states a charging time of just 3 hours. I really wonder how they achieve that.


Display & Controls

All three e-scooter offer headlights, rear lights and a LCD Display to check current speed and parameters. Similar on oll of them are the 3 driving modes that limit top speed. Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers 3 driving modes indicated on the display: ECO for energy saving mode (15km/h), D for standard mode (20 km/h) and S for sports mode (25 km/h). Ninebot Max offers the same modes, even with the same names. There is a 4th mode, a power assist when pushing MAX by hand. Since Boosted Rev offers a higher top speed the 3 modes are: 20 km/h, 29 km/h and 39 km/h.
While Xiaomi Scooter Pro and Ninebot MAX use a push throttle that activates the electric brakes on release Boost Rev uses a roll throttle that also controls the brakes.

Boosted Rev vs Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro - Comparison Review

Boosted Rev vs Ninebot MAX vs Xiaomi Scooter Pro – Handle Bar


Brakes & Tires

Xiaomi Scooter Pro and Ninebot MAX offer two independent brake systems. While Xiaomi Scooter Pro offers a mechanical disk brake on the back wheel, Ninebot MAX offers a mechanical drum brake on the front wheel. Booth feature a regenerative electric eABS brake on each other wheel. But you can only set the strength in advance via App which takes effect when you release the throttle. As mentioned the throttle on Boosted Rev is also used as brake lever. All you need to do is roll your thumb to the plus sign to speed up, and back to the minus sign to slow down. This way most of the braking energy can be stored again. Further Boosted Rev offers two other brake systems, three independent brakes in total. Besides the electric one there are two mechanical brakes: a mechanical disc brake on the back wheel and rear fender brake.

Boosted Rev - acceleration and brake lever

Boosted Rev – acceleration and brake lever

Xiaomi Scooter Pro use air tube tires, their benefit: great shock absorption resulting in a more comfortable ride. Of course on the downside there is a high risk of puncture and flat tires and the tubes are super hard to change. Ninebot MAX and Boosted Rev features tubeless air tires. The shock absorbing tires will offer a smooth ride while reducing the risk of getting a flat tire because of a damaged tube. There is a slight difference while Ninebot MAX is using 10″ tires, Boosted Rev is using 9″ tires.



Here’s a first clip from Ben Fox testing Boosted Rev:


Price & Availability

Boosted Rev

Is available for 1799 USD on their website. You can reserve your scooter for 100 USD deposit. Shipping will start in July 2019


Ninebot MAX

Retail price was announced to be 799 USD

  • The initial Indiegogo campaign ended but you can still get it via the campaign site for
    • 699 USD (+ shipping: 30 USD US // 99 USD worldwide)

Update September 2019: Ninebot MAX is now also available at Gearbest and Banggood. Ninebot MAX is not available on Amazon.

  • Gearbest: 
    • Chinese Warehouse: 699 USD
    • Free Shipping!
    • Coupon Code: X38BBBADDAD8D001
    • in stock
  • Banggood:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 759 USD
    • Coupon Code: 76f6bd
      • or try coupon: 09ea29
      • or try coupon: BGNBMAXCN
    • Free Shipping!
    • Preorder


What’s the best deal? Check the Gearbest & Banggood deals which shipping fees apply for your location! Via the Indiegogo Campaign site from Ninebot shipping fees apply, so these offers could be a better deal for you. Both sites as well as Ninebot ship the scooter from China, so there is no advantage regarding shipping times!


Xiaomi M365 PRO

  • Amazon: not available
  • Geekbuying:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 549 USD
      • Choose “Europe – Ocean Shipping”
      • EU or CN Version
      • tax included
      • 4 weeks free shipping
      • in stock
    • Europe Warehouse (Poland): 529 USD
      • EU or CN Version
      • 1 week shipping within Europe
      • no customs & tax within Europe
      • out of stock – Pre-Sale only
  • Gearbest:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 534 USD
      • CN Version
      • best option for Asia shipping
      • select CN-099 Warehouse = China
      • in stock
    • Europe Warehouse (Germany): 478 USD
      • EU Version (with EU plug)
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • ships within Europe within 5 days
      • in stock
    • Europe Warehouse (Poland): 478 USD
      • EU Version (with EU plug)
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • ships within Europe within 5 days
      • in stock
    • US Warehouse: 539 USD
      • Int. Version
      • 1 weeks shipping within US
      • no tax & customs (see website)
      • in stock
  • Banggood:
    • Chinese Warehouse: 519 USD
      • no taxes & customs (see website for details)
      • 3 weeks shipping to Europe and USA
      • in stock
    • Europe Warehouse (UK): 579 USD
      • Coupon Code: BGEUPRONM
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • 5-7 days free shipping within Europe
      • in stock
  • TomTop:
    • Europe Warehouse (Germany): 486 USD
      • EU Version
      • 2-5 days free shipping within Europe
      • no taxes & customs within Europe
      • in stock


What’s the best deal for Europe? Best deal is currently offered by TomTop: 486 USD (from German Warehouse: 2-5 days free shipping within EU; no additional customs & taxes); Gearbest has similar offers: 489 USD (Poland Warehouse: 1 week free shipping, no additional customs & taxes). There is also an offer from a German Warehouse: 499 USD – 486 USD is the lowest price ever for a Pro version from an EU Warehouse!

What’s the best deal for USA? The best & fastest option is Gearbest: They ship from a US warehouse for 539 USD(Shipment within a week and no additional taxes or customs). The Banggood offer is a beet cheaper, but shipment will take at least 4 weeks – 524 USD.


Need help? I have contacts at Banggood, Gearbest & TomTop who provide me with coupon codes and stock information. If you have troubles with your order, contact me.

Shipping times
I ordered my Xiaomi M365 from Gearbest in China and I got it within 3 weeks to Europe. I ordered my Xiaomi Pro from Gearbest EU Warehouse and it received it within 5 days.

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