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I was looking for a new large check-in suitcase for travelling. Since I gained excellent experience with my 20″ aluminum Xiaomi suitcase (here you can find my review) as carry-on luggage, I remained faithful with the brand and checked out their polycarbonate suitcase. Both are designed and manufactured by 90 minutes. In this article I want to share my experience after using it for a while:

24" Xiaomi Suitcase - Spinner wheel made of PC (polycarbonate)

24″ Xiaomi Suitcase – Spinner wheel made of PC (polycarbonate)


Xiaomi 24″ Suitcase – PC (polycarbonate, spinner wheel)

Xiaomi suitcase models

The Xiaomi 90 Minutes Spinner Wheel suitcase is available in two sizes: 24″ (65L) or 20″ (36L) and 4 colors: black, grey, white and blue. The 20″ suitcase is 55 x 37,5 x 22,3 cm in size and qualifies as carry-on luggage you can take onboard an aircraft. I think there are better options in that category. Either the Xiaomi 20″ Aluminum suitcase I tested, because it is more durable and looks better. Or the 20″ Xiaomi Business suitcase, which offers an extra compartment on the front to store Laptop or Tablet. That comes in very handy at security checks since you don’t have to open the whole suitcase to remove those items. Since I was looking for a larger check-in luggage I went for the 24″ polycarbonate model. I wish there was an 24″ aluminum model, but there is only a 20″ version.


Xiaomi 24″ polycarbonate suitcase – Specs

Xiaomi 24″ suitcase is 67 x 44 x 25 cm (26.4 x 17.3 x 9.8 in) in size and weights about 4,1kg (9.1 lbs). It is very light and that’s important for airtravel since airlines get stricter with weight limits all the time. The body is made of PC (polycarbonate material), a “3-layer composite compressive structure that offers higher strength”. The outer shell features a honeycomb pattern which looks really beautiful and should be scratch-resistant. As mentioned the capacity is about 65L.

Xiaomi 24″ Suitcase features one lock where you can set an individual 3-number code and it features a TSA lock. The pull rod is made of thickened aluminum alloy with anodized processing and has 4 adjustable positions. When fully extended it is about 1,05m high. I think thats a convenient height. Shaking of the rod is also within an acceptable range. The wheels are made of TPE material, they are shockproof, durable & noiseless. But more on that in my conclusion.

24" Xiaomi Suitcase (90 minutes) - TSA lock

24″ Xiaomi Suitcase – TSA lock


Even tough the spinnerwheel suitcase is sold under Xiaomi brand, it is manufactured by 90 minutes. The inside compartments on each side are designed differently. On the left you can close the whole compartment with a zipper and there are 2 pockets for small stuff like chargers and keys. The right compartment is secured with an x-shaped strap with clasp.

24" Xiaomi Suitcase - Compartments

24″ Xiaomi Suitcase – Compartments


Note: the 20″ version is designed differently and you have zipper compartments on both sides.

20" Xiaomi PC suitcase - Compartments

20″ Xiaomi PC suitcase – Compartments



After: 5 trips – 7 flights & 3.000 km on a pickup truck

I checked-in my Xiaomi 24″ suitcase on 7 flights, it literally travelled once around the globe, was lost by an airline at some point (luckily I got it back). in addition to that it travelled more than 3.000 km on the truck bed of a pickup truck. Beforehand: I’m very satisfied!

24" Xiaomi Suitcase - Testing & Review

Testing & Review on several flights and a truck bed (comparing it to my Rimowa)


These are my findings in detail: The wheels are silent and very smooth. You can comfortably pull the suitcase on every terrain. Either when you pull it running on two wheels or when you use it as spinner wheel running on all four wheels. The shaking of the pulling rod is quite ok and comparable to other cases I used.

I think this design of the compartments is very convenient. You can put smaller items and clothes (socks, underwear,..) in the left compartment with zipper to prevent them from falling out when opening the case. You can store little stuff such as cables, chargers, keys, medicine,… inside the pockets where they are securely stored and easy accessible. Larger clothes can be placed on the right side. The X-shaped strap allows to overpack your suitcase a bit where a zipper compartment would not stretch that wide.

I think I quite stressed the suitcase and I’m very satisfied with the result. It got scratches here and there, on- & offloading it from several planes several times and bouncing on the truck bed definitely took its toll. But the suitcase did a great job in protecting the items inside. My suitcase is not deformed, no deep scratches, cracks or whatsoever. The zippers, wheels and pulling rod work like I never used it before.

24" Xiaomi Suitcase after 7 flights & a 3.000km ride on a pickup truck

24″ Xiaomi Suitcase after 7 flights & a 3.000km ride on a pickup truck


Price / Retailer Comparison

I got my Xiaomi 24″ Suitcase from Gearbest. As mentioned, I think compared to similar products the price is great.
Currently the suitcase is available from 104.99 USD (depending on the color).

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